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Organised crime and terrorism has increased throughout Africa especially during these difficult times as the global community fights the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.


Therefore advanced and evolving methods of protection are imperative. Arcangel Protection Services conducts a thorough threat assessment for each individual operation. We then identify and assess the various risks as well as the specific issues of concern and vulnerable points. 


The team will then implement a strategic solution. This is done by optimising the available resources and strategic landscapes to the client’s benefit. The initial situation assessment is complementary and all work is conducted in a strictly confidential basis. 



Incorporating technology

Understanding how and when to use technology to enhance our protection operations has set us apart from many in the industry. We incorporate the appropriate technological advances in our projects to provide a robust cutting edge solution while remaining focused on mitigating all potential risk.


We provide complete armed escorts solutions including, container security solutions, emergency planning, security consulting and disaster management. With extensive military, policing and private security backgrounds, the team at Arcangel Protection Services consult and advise on a full range of solutions.


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